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"California Dream"

South Shores - Division 60
"Hoffman Award Winners"
Maintaining and Increasing Membership

Sara and Merrill Wood
Membership Co-Chairs
Sara and Merrill Wood

Sara and Merrill Wood have been the ones instrumental in keeping records and gathering retiree lists from all districts in the South Bay.   They, along with an active board have made contacts with current and past retirees, to make them aware of   "C R T A"

The membership is growing with an active continuing membership drive.

The May meeting extended invitations to all the Superintendents in the South Bay.

Those attending included
Dr. Lowell Billings, (Chula Vista), Dr. Marilyn Wheeler, (Coronado),
Mr. Tim Allen, (San Ysidro),
and Mr. Larry Perondi, Area Superintendent (Sweetwater).

Dr. Lowell Billings
Dr. Lowell Billings
Chula Vista
  Larry Perodi, Tim Allen, Dr. Marilyn Wheeler
Mr. Larry Perondi, "Sweetwater"
Mr. Tim Allen, "San Ysidro"
Dr. Marilyn Wheeler, "Coronado"

There are more retired teachers that have not been made aware of the long history of hard work that CRTA has done to protect our retirement benefits. This year of legal litigation to secure our retirement benefits has brought more attention to our goals. Members have become more aware that our retirement system should not be taken for granted.

The May meeting represented the Past, Present and the Future. Three graduating students from Southwestern College, with goals to become teachers, were awarded $1,000.00 scholarships each. Each student was seated with an administrator and members.

Dr. Wheeler made a short presentation of encouragement that focussed on the need for the students to keep their goal in mind as they persued their education at San Diego State University. Her reflective thoughts also included the reading of a letter from a parent of a former student, noting his success as a result of him being in her class.

Scholarship winners Veronica Frias, Valerie Acosta and Gloria Sanches were presented certificates ofrecognition by Foundation President Martha Kolb. The annual presentation of scholarships is a commitment by the South Shores Division 60 members to support students seeking a career in teaching.

Funds are raised by raffles at luncheon meetings, donations by members, and memorial donations. That money adds up and supports future teachers.

Scholarship recipients
Scholarship Recipients
Veronica Frias, Valerie Acosta, Gloria Sanches
Martha Kolb
- President of Scholarship Foundation

Area 11 Meets for Pre-Convention Workshop
Dr. Angela Aschbrenner, Area XI Director, led the delegates in an overview of the items to be discussed and issues to be voted upon at the CRTA Convention, May 18 - May 22, 2005

The delegates met at the San Diego County Department of Education for this meeting. It was only fitting that we returned to a location where many of us had attended workshops during our teaching days.

An item that will be voted upon is the new constitution and the by-laws. These items are out of date but a new document needs to be approved to bring into line all the changes that have been made and need to be made to bring the document to the 21st Century. This workshop did clarify many of the issues for those of us attending.

Legislation, Insurance, and Membership Chairs provided updates in their areas. New Legislative chair, Karen Durst (Co-President, Div. 63) was introduced. She spent time in Sacramento observing and participating before she decided that this was something she really wanted to do.

The Chairpersons were prepared and organized and were able to answer most questions asked. This workshop should give the delegates a better handle on the convention and hopefully, the issues.

The above is an overview of what happened at this area delegate meeting held May 16, 2005. Photos and text below were submitted by Mollie Solorzano, President - Divison 60, South Bay.

Dr. Angela Aschbrenner 
Director CRTA-AREA 11
Dr. Angela Aschbrenner
  Dr. Angela Aschbrenner 
Director CRTA-AREA 11
Dr. Angela Aschbrenner
Dr. Angela Aschbrenner 
Director CRTA-AREA 11
Dr. Angela Aschbrenner
Leads discussion at workshop
  Carol Owen & Denise Legrand - Div. 60
Carol Owen, Recording Secretary - Div. 60
Denise Legrand, Treasurer
and Fin. Sec'y. - Div. 60
Georgi Galas, Past Pres. Div. 4
Dr. Georgi Galas
Past President - Div. 4
Delegates fill the room at
S.D. County Dept. of Education

2 0 0 5

President Mollie Solorzano
Vice PresidentBarbara Breheny
Recording SecretaryCarol Owen
Corresponding Secretary Susan Kopp
Treasurer & Financial Secretary Denise Legrand
Membership Co-ChairsMerrill and Sara Wood
Insurance ChairKeith Campbell
Parliamentarian(automatically filled by Past President)Virginia Noble

Merrill and Sara Wood
Lasha AllenMargaret M. CannavinoEugene Dean, Jr.
Anita GlasgowGerry HillGeorganne J. Hoctor
Vera M. MadisonRal;ph L. MerlosSharon Owens
Susan H. PoveyDale SaareKathleen C. Santry
Kathy Seger Agathe Stevenson

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