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"Let There Be Peace"
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by Mac McAnear
(Member, Area XI - Div. 4)
(Published with Permission of the Author)
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Could it be another crusade
Following those a millennium before
In which bodies of men on both sides
Piled up by the score?



Then it was a resolute vow
To free the Holy Land
Now weíre told itís gospel truth
Evilís in the Taliban.

  Taliban Fighter  

As modern as our weapons are
Weíve yet to perfect our aim
In horrific blasts destroy a lot
The innocent and helpless maim.

(See Explanation of combat photos below)

Is it religion the problemís crux
And would we live in peace
If everybody believed the same
Would the killing finally cease?


No, say some, itís the nature of man
To find an excuse to fight
Heíd throw a tantrum in the Promised Land
For no other reason than spite.

Attack on Taliban Forces
"Death from the Sky, in the blink of an eye!
Actual file footage: U.S.Army - Dec. 10, 2001

This was sent from a pilot aboard the USS John C. Stennis. He was the strike element lead on this attack, and received these pictures as a "Thank You" from the US Army controllers on the ground. It is an excellent example of a joint, combined arms operations. A Taliban/al-Quaida armored vehicle (ex-Russian BMP) with troops embarked and riding on top is targeted by forward air controllers (FAC's) of the US Army 4th Special Operations Group. A flight of two Navy F-14 Tomcats are called in by the Army FAC's and strike the vehicle nearly simultaneously with GBU-16 laser guided bombs. As a bonus, there is a nice secondary explosion in the middle of the road, towards the end of the set.
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  Mac McAnear - Author 
Mac McAnear
"Poet - Author"

Copyright © 2000-2001 Mac McAnear Inc. All rights reserved.


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